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Why Branding Matters?

Branding is important because logo and branding brings value and benefits to a business, it helps them build a bond. Customers are more likely to be interested in a brand. If they understand the direction of the business and agree with the feeling that the brand represents

  • Clear Brand Purpose and Positioning
  • Thorough with Market Research
  • On-Brand Supporting Creative Graphics

Logo Design Process

Good brand logo represent a company overview. Ineffective brands undermine success.

logo design and branding


Each logo design project begins with a kickoff meeting our team with clients to express their ideas for the new logo. After the logo and branding design team talks to the customer to understand the preferences and general thoughts. It goes into a phase that we call the “logo exploration phase.”

By searching for the keywords that have been disseminated in conversations with customers, we can give every word an important meaning in order to define a logo that most closely matches those terms. We examine every connection we have made, looking closely at what these words mean and the symbols associated with each word. For example, if the customer wants an “edgy” logo, we’ll look for that term and see what’s coming. We work in pairs on this aspect of the project and draw sketches to illustrate what we discover in our research.

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Design Concept


The next phase of the project was the development of the logo. Creativity comes into play when developing the logo design concept. Based on the graphic design contract and the research carried out, We have realized their ideas. We considered, sketched out our own ideas and then experimented with them on the computer. We also had breaks between these sessions so We could think about the designs and have a new perspective on the job at hand, which is a crucial part of the process of designing a logo.

Since we’ve done the Tasks, We can now print the logo design sketches against the job and the research.

For example, when Tyler designed the logo for Inbound Marketing Week 2015, here are the first ideas and explorations he presented:

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Graphics Design - Logos and Branding


After designing tons of ideas, you need to assess and investigate them based on the task and select the most promising ones.

The logo development process can take a long time to get you to a great concept.

In this step of logo and branding, We select the best ideas and then translate them into digital artwork.

Please note that no color has been added to any of the designs. This is to ensure that the design works in one color only. This relieves the printing costs and makes the logo more adaptable for use on a variety of media.

It should also be remembered that simplicity in logo design is the key. The simpler a logo is, the more memorable and adaptable it is. In almost all cases, less is more.

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Logo-color design


Choosing a color for a logo is much more than just picking a color that looks good. To make the right choice, it is important that we look at the overall message the company is trying to communicate with its brand.

Perhaps one customer wants to express a message of calm while another customer wants to show that their products are biologically or environmentally friendly. We can focus on different shades of blue to represent the calm of a brand. Customers have the opportunity to see their chosen logo in various colors and shades before making their final decision.
The ultimate goal: Choose a color that fits in well with the logo, but also reflects the message the brand wants to express through the design.

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Brand Delivery

Final Logo Delivery

Once the logo is complete, the client sorts which file formats and other iterations the logo may be based on. For example, Icon needed a logo that fits on the bottom of a snowcat. For a restaurant, menus, signage and T-shirts may be required.

Designing a logo from scratch is a difficult creative process that requires a lot of research. knowledge about a company and its audience, and a thorough consideration of the principles of logo design. However, if you work with the right designers, the best graphic design company in bangladesh and have a solid process. You should end up with something your company loves (and that people can understand).

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