Super Shop Management Software

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Super Shop POS Software in Bangladesh

Techneo360 developed Super Shop Management POS Software which can use in Small, Medium and Large Super Shop. This computerized system enables business owners to track sales, cash flows, and food stocks, and helps to make your bookkeeping much easier.

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    Dynamic Dashboard:

    • Total Purchase
    • Total Sales
    • Purchase Due
    • Invoice Due
    • Sales Last 30 Days Chart
    • Sales Current Financial Year
    • Sales Current Financial Year
    • Purchase Payment Due
    • Product Stock Alert
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    Product Management

    • List Products/ Recipe
    • Add new Product
    • Product Print Labels
    • Product Variations
    • Selling Price Group
    • Product Units
    • Product Categories
    • Add Product Brands
    • Product Brand List
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    Quick POS (Sale)

    • All Sales Module
    • Add New Sale
    • List of POS
    • POS Module
    • Sales Drafts List
    • Sale Quotations List
    • Sell Return List
    • Discounts Setup
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    Purchase Management

    • List Purchases
    • Add New Purchase
    • List Purchase Return
    • Quick Purchase Module
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    Contacts Module

    • Add Suppliers
    • Suppliers List
    • Add Customers
    • Customers List
    • Customer Groups
    • Import Contacts
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    Expenses Module

    • List Expenses
    • Add Expenses
    • Expense Categories
    • Upload Expence Invoice
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    Setup Module

    • Add Users
    • Add Manager
    • Add Cashier
    • Add Counter
    • Tax Setup
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    Report Management

    • Profit / Loss Report
    • Purchase & Sale
    • Tax Report
    • Supplier & Customer Report
    • Customer Groups Report
    • Stock Report
    • Stock Adjustment Report
    • Items Report
    • Product Purchase Report
    • Product Sell Report
    • Purchase Payment Report
    • Expense Report
    • Register Report
    • Balance Sheet
    • Trial Balance

    Super Shop Management Software Pricing

    Buy the Best Super Shop Management Software in Bangladesh

    Free Software Domain
    Super-Store: Single Store
    User: 1 Admin, 5 Salesman
    Branch: Single Branch
    Monthly Service Charge: 2500 Tk.
    Order Now
    Free Software Domain
    Super-Store: Two Store
    User: 1 Admin, 2 Manager. 12 Salesman
    Branch: 2 Location
    Monthly Service Charge: 5000 Tk.
    Order Now
    Free Software Domain
    Super-Store: Five Store
    User: 3 Admin, 5 Manager. 30 Salesman
    Branch: 05 Location
    Monthly Service Charge: 12000 Tk.
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    Super Shop Software

    Techneo360 Super Shop Software is the best super shop management software in Bangladesh. It’s a complete solution for managing your business and making it grow. With this software, you can manage inventory, sales order processing, customer relationship, product catalogs, and much more, all from one place with just a few clicks of a mouse!


    Our super shop software helps you manage your super shop business with ease and provides a better customer service experience for your customers. It offers all the features any super shop owner needs like easy order processing, inventory control, product pricing optimization, etc. It has all features needed to manage your business effectively and efficiently, including inventory tracking, sales reports with analytics & graphs, order processing/transaction history management, and more. This powerful tool helps you make fast decisions on how to run your super shop better than ever before!


    Techneo360 Super Shop Software has been developed with the latest technology. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of your business from one place with the highest level of security. The software also offers an easy-to-use interface that can be customized to suit any need or industry vertical.


    Super Shop Management Software

    Techneo360 super shop management software allows you to run a successful super shop with the help of its powerful features like inventory management, customer support, order tracking & fulfillment, etc. With this software, you will be able to run and grow your online store and improve customer service while managing inventory of multiple products with ease. 


    The software provides you with an easy-to-use dashboard that includes a store locator, inventory tracker, customer database, and more. It also gives you the ability to create reports for sales analysis. The application is designed to manage a “super-shop” with single or multiple locations, including the ability to track inventory and automate tasks such as pricing, promotions, and more. The program offers a complete solution for managing all aspects of the retail shop industry, including store operations and customer relations. It has been designed with online sales channels in mind so you can easily monitor your sales of super shops without any hassle at all!


    Super Shop Management Software in Bangladesh

    Techneo360 Super Shop Software can manage, track and monitor your daily operations from one place with real-time data that can be accessed online or on a mobile device. With this software, you will get all these features without any hidden fees! It can help you manage your inventory, sales and profit, and customer service with ease. The best part of Techneo360 Super Shop Management Software in Bangladesh? This awesome software comes at a very affordable price!


    Techneo360 Super Shop POS Software provides a complete solution for your super shop business’s needs and helps you manage all aspects of your super shop, from inventory to sales, with ease. It also allows you to run multiple stores simultaneously, saving time and money while ensuring that everything runs smoothly across all locations.


    This best-in-class retail solution software offers a variety of features that make it the most reliable, scalable, and flexible platform for super retailers to manage their super shops. The software has been engineered with an engaging user interface and intuitive design that helps you navigate your business process with ease. It also includes intelligent inventory management tools that help automate warehouse operations. In addition, this sophisticated eCommerce tool provides owners access online.


    Moreover, you don’t need to be an accountant to use it. We make this system perfect for beginners as well as experts who want to manage their stores better than ever! Techneo360 offers support 24/7 via phone or email, which makes managing your business easier by providing guidance when needed.

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