POS Software Price in Bangladesh

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POS Software Price in Bangladesh

POS software price in Bangladesh varies based on different factors. However, a standard and highly secure Point-of-sale software typically costs TK 11,900 (Small Business), TK 22,000 (Medium Business) and TK 55,000 (Corporate Business). There are also per month service serges but it depends on system providers.

However, these are actually typical prices. There are many POS providers on the market, some offering free services and some charging per transaction.

The easiest way to find a suitable POS system for your business in Bangladesh is to list your requirements and ask a reputed software developer for a price.

POS Software Price in Bangladesh

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Features of POS ERP Software

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Business Management:

  • Multiple Business
  • Multiple Business Locations, Store Fronts, Warehouses,
  • Set Currency, Time Zone, Financial Year, Profit Margin, Tax Registrations Details
  • Inventory & accounting information is kept separately for each business.
  • Create multiple locations for your business/shop
  • Manage all of them at the same time.
  • Stocks, Purchases, Sell can be tracked differently for locations.
  • Customize invoice layout, invoice scheme for each location

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Dynamic Dashboard:

  • Total Purchase
  • Total Sales
  • Purchase Due
  • Invoice Due
  • Sales Last 30 Days Chart
  • Sales Current Financial Year
  • Sales Current Financial Year
  • Purchase Payment Due
  • Product Stock Alert

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Product Management

  • List Products/ Recipe
  • Add new Product
  • Product Print Labels
  • Product Variations
  • Selling Price Group
  • Product Units
  • Product Categories
  • Add Product Brands
  • Product Brand List
  • Single & Variable Products
  • Enables/Disable Stock Management
  • Add Brands, Category, Units, Tax Rates, Group Taxes
  • Products with Expiry
  • Low Stock Alert & Expiry Alerts
  • Predefined SKU or Auto-Generated SKU
  • Serial Number, Lot Number
  • Print Bar-code & Labels
  • Selling Price Group
  • Import Products CSV, Excel etc

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Sell and POS Terminal

  • All Sales Module
  • Add New Sale
  • List of POS
  • POS Module
  • Walk-in or Quick Add Customer
  • Fixed / Due Customer
  • Take Away Customer
  • Specify Agent Commission
  • Dine / Table Wise Order
  • Select the Dine Service Staff
  • Product Name, Category, SKU, Brand-Wise Search
  • Quick POS with Barcode Scanner
  • Sales Drafts List
  • Sale Quotations List
  • Sell Return List
  • Discounts Setup
  • Add, Edit, Delete, View and Print
  • Credit, Paid & Partially Paid Sales
  • Sales Return
  • Taxes, Discounts, Shipping Charges
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for POS
  • Payment Option- Cash, CC, Cheque, Bank Transfer
  • Payment By Card (Visa, Mastercard)

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Purchase Management

  • Add, Edit, Delete, View, Print Purchase
  • Purchase Return
  • Credit, Paid & Partially Paid, Multiple Payment Options
  • Payment Reminders
  • Taxes, Discounts, Shipping Charges
  • Specify Product Lot Number & Expiry
  • Upload Purchased Document

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Stock Transfer & Adjustments

  • List of Stock Transfer
  • Add Stock Transfer
  • List of Stock Adjustment
  • Add Stock Adjustment
  • Damaged Product Management

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Supplier & Customer

  • Add Suppliers
  • Suppliers List
  • Add Customers
  • Customers List
  • Customer Groups
  • Import Contacts
  • Pay Terms and Payment Alerts
  • Details Payment’s
  • Detailed Purchased & Sell Transactions

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Expenses Module

  • List Expenses
  • Add Expenses
  • Expense Categories
  • Upload Expence Invoice

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Payment Accounts

  • Accounts List
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Cash Flow
  • Payment Account Report

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Human Resource Management (HRM)

  • Leave Type
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Allowance and Deduction
  • Payroll Management
  • Holiday Setup

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Setup Module

  • Add Users
  • Add Manager
  • Add Cashier
  • Add Counter
  • Tax Setup
  • Add Tax Rate with %
  • Tax Groups Setup (Combination of multiple taxes)
  • Delete / Edit Tax

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Other Modules

  • To-do list (note)
  • Documents Save and Upload
  • Memos Save and Upload
  • Remainders
  • Message System

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Report Management

  • Profit / Loss Report
  • Product Sell Report
  • Sales Representative Reports
  • Cash Register Report
  • Expense Report
  • Sell Payment Report
  • Purchase Payment Report
  • Product Purchase Report
  • Purchase & Sale (Audit)
  • All Items Report
  • Trending Sell Products Reports
  • Stock Adjustment Report
  • Stock Report
  • Customer Groups Report
  • Supplier & Customer Report
  • Tax Report
  • Service Staff Reports

POS Software Price Factors in Bangladesh

Not all point-of-sale software is created the same. Even the best point-of-sale systems may not perfectly meet your unique needs. Here’s a checklist to help you consider what you need.

Business size:

This has a big impact on POS prices in Bangladesh. Most point-of-sale software plans charge an additional checkout or location. 

Number of Features:

Perhaps the most amazing cost factor is the number of features that a POS system must provide. After all, it makes sense that a more comprehensive and more useful system costs more. If you’re not sure which features are essential to your business, discuss details with software developers.

Quality of Function:

Most point-of-sale systems in Bangladesh provide analytical capabilities to display data, but some are more complex than others. More expensive point-of-sale may offer finer-grained data processing options that help streamline the operations of large enterprises.


Restaurant and retail are the largest industries with their own types of point-of-sale systems, but many niche industries have specialized point-of-sale systems that meet specific needs, from pizza delivery tracking to table layout. Therefore, the price of the POS Software will be different based on customization in Bangladesh.

Potential for Expansion:

If you want to open a new location, keep in mind how much the POS provider of your choice can charge. You can move to a new POS whenever you need it, but choosing the best POS for your growing business can save you time and effort in the long run.

A point-of-sale system consists of software that allows employees to sell and track inventory, and the hardware that runs it. While monitors and card readers are the main hardware components required, many companies also have receipt printers and scanners. Let’s take a closer look at each factor that fits the total price of a POS system.

Cost of POS software in Bangladesh

POS software is usually cloud-based. This means it can be accessed over the Internet (usually in short-term offline mode in the event of a power outage) without the need for internal IT staff to fix the bug. Companies pay a recurring fee that is billed monthly or yearly to use the software.

Most point-of-sale providers fluctuate costs based on three main factors: the size of the business, the number of features required, and the industry in which they belong. 

Here are some practical details to consider:


How many products do you sell and what is your layout?


How many payment terminals does your company need?


Do you manage one location or a regional franchise?


Does your industry need more features than standard point-of-sale products? E-commerce specific POS and retail store specific POS cost will be different.

Hardware Compatibility:

This is not a big deal as most POS software is compatible with most POS hardware.

If you manage a single location with a single register, the average cost of software is between TK 11,900 and TK 500 per month as service charge, but it can be even higher if you are not charged monthly.

For medium operations with multiple locations and broader reporting capabilities, the industry average is TK 22,000 and TK 1200 as a monthly service charge.


What Types of Hardware do You Need for POS Systems in Bangladesh? 

POS hardware is less complex than software. You need to buy it once and then you can own it forever. However, it must be compatible with the POS software of your choice.

Monitor & Desktop Computer:

You need a desktop or laptop for software installation and a monitor to run it.

Card Reader:

There are various card reader options. So, you can collect it based on banks and card types.

Receipt Printer:

You need it for a printed receipt. 

Barcode Scanner:

Using a scanner makes checkouts in large stores more efficient.

The cost of hardware varies greatly depending on your needs.

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