SEO Intern Job in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Looking to start a career in Search Engine Marketing?

Are you interested in taking a digital marketing internship?

Join a leading SEO company in Bangladesh and get started with a Search Engine Marketing expert.

Techneo360 is offering you a digital marketing internship in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We will provide 100% live project training by experts. Skilled young professionals teach you every aspect of digital marketing. In today’s era, computer technology evolving around the world cannot be ignored.

    We are looking for students with a challenging spirit and a growing desire to grow professionally. Our digital marketing department produces high-quality work for large companies across the country and all around the world are looking for internships who can support targeted marketing and market research initiatives. This intern must be willing to work in a fast team environment and complete the internship with extensive experience in various aspects of digital marketing and online market research.

    Training Highlights

    • Training Type: Basic SEO Training & Expert SEO Training
    • Writing Skills: Blog Writing Skills & Expert Content Writing Skills
    • Creation: Blog & Page
    • Techniques: On-Page, Off-Page, Technical SEO
    • Promotion: SMO, Influencer, Email, Viral, Mobile Phone
    • CMS:  Web 2.0, Handle WordPress Website Design and Development (Non-Programming)


    Requirements: Who can apply

    Anyone who has passed advanced secondary education (10 + 2), has knowledge of basic computer skills, and can easily translate ideas into English paragraphs can participate in 

    1. Dhaka’s free digital marketing internship.
    2. Bachelor’s degree in technology will be given priority 
    3. Desire and ability to learn quickly
    4. Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
    5. High energy, drive, maturity
    6. Demonstrable persistence, persistence, ability to overcome obstacles
    7. Microsoft Word & Excel proficiency
    8. Love technology and keep up with the fast-changing industry
    9. Like working in fast-moving, yet casual environments
    10. Good sense of humor


    How to Apply: Application Procedure:

    1st Step: Please send you a complete CV to or

    2nd Step: We will call you for an interview after the evaluation of your CV.



    SEO Internship Job


    How to choose: 

    Interview and simple English writing test

    Why do you go for free SEO Internship?

    There are many institutions that require a lot of money to train SEO. But Techneo360 is one of the trusted places to learn SEO for free and then get a job at Techneo360 or elsewhere. it is up to you. This means that a free SEO internship will benefit you. Free digital marketing internships in Dhaka will help build a great experience. There are many reasons to go for an SEO internship in Dhaka.

    • Build a network
    • Get real work ideas
    • Build self-confidence
    • Practical knowledge as well as the theory
    • Full-time job with Good salary at Techneo360 for skilled Trainee (after completion)


    What Can I Get With A Free Digital Marketing Internship in Dhaka?

    1. Learn everything related to your course.
    2. Learn how to manage your work with professional live projects.
    3. Learn how to lead your team and make great presentations with other candidates.
    4. Work station with computer and modern facilities for participants.


    Why Choose Digital Marketing / SEO?

    Completion of a digital marketing internship, as well as theoretical knowledge, must be practical. Then work as a 100% proficient in online business. Even if you are a student, it can help you get a great income as a side job.


    What are your career opportunities in SEO

    SEO is full of opportunities. The more experience you have, the more opportunities are open. After completing a free digital marketing internship in Dhaka, here are some options you can work in Techneo360 as a Local SEO, Google Map Ranking, Social media marketing, Organic search engine optimization, online reputation management Experts.


    What should be noted in SEO training?

    There are many institutions simply looking for good money. They don’t care what SEO students have learned or whatever. Then they always claim to give SEO certification, which is usually a scam. But the reality is if you are an expert and have SEO experience, after that, no authentication is required. Techneo360 is an international award-winning SEO company that creates professional and experienced employees by giving work to living projects so that everyone can see your work. Also, the latest information on SEO practices.


    Why Techneo360? 

    International Award-winning SEO Agency in Bangladesh

    Techneo360 takes your SEO training approach to a whole new level. Techneo360  is not only a premium SEO internship provider but also a full-fledged digital marketing company with clients across Bangladesh and abroad. We literally eat, sleep and repeat SEO. No exaggeration!

    All digital marketing agencies claim that completing a course has 100% work. It may be true or fake, but it’s different from us for 100% work. We provide work and pay them the right amount of money.


    Work & Learn, Learn & Work

    Techneo360  has eliminated the traditional method of education. Interns practice them, and every day interns are expected to substantially address the concepts they have learned. All interns are expected to work full time.


    Limited Vacancy

    The number of SEO Internships post is limited. We don’t keep up with the numbers. Our goal is to guide and train the next generation of industry-leading SEO professionals.



    The individual intern is personally trained and supervised by mentors. We provide personalized attention to all interns. Communication and discussion are key pillars for a good intellectual foundation.


    About Techneo360

    Techneo360 is a search engine optimization, software and web design and development company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a full-service SEO agency that leads the game with the latest search algorithms where all market leaders share knowledge and compete for local and global search engine search results. We also offer digital marketing automation software to increase marketing team productivity and connect the right content to the right audience at the right time. For more information, visit About Techneo360