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In today’s electronic media world, well-designed and maintained business websites are a major entry point for existing customers and a major entry point for new customers.

For over 10 years, Techneo360’s creative website developers and designers have designed and developed websites that not only meet but exceed, best practices from Google and other leading search engines in the world. Our web design not only demonstrates the creative talent of graphic designers but also meets all the basic coding requirements set by Google for webmasters and website developers. Simply put, the websites we create are not only beautifully designed but can also attract more visitors to your website.

    Professional Website Design Services

    If you’re investing in increasing traffic to your website, but web visitors don’t contact you or visit your store, you’re just wasting your time and money. Effective website design can change that.

    Award-Winning Web Development Agency Dhaka 

    Techneo360 has won numerous awards and reviews for its results-focused website design.


    We are recognized as one of the best web design, search engine marketing, email marketing, content marketing and digital marketing companies not only in Dhaka, Bangladesh but throughout the World.

    If you search for “Web Design Company in Dhaka”, you will find that there are many options. But I hope our references will convince you to come and talk to us about web design and development. Then you will find that we are a unique company that can increase the profits of our business by using many skills of web design and SEO services. Of course, this is why you wanted to have a website in the first place!

    Make The Right First Impression With Good Website Design


    Our first task before you start designing a website with you is to determine the goals and objectives of your website. After that, we will develop the site according to your specifications. Most clients provide web hosting, SEO services, and website maintenance to keep up with changes in their business and business environment. The clients who hired us for web design and development service in Dhaka are pleased to know that they are promoting only one client in their area within a particular industry niche. So you enter into an exclusive contract with us to promote your business.


    Why Is Web Design So Important?


    It only takes a moment for a web visitor to decide whether to stay on the website and read more about what it offers, or press the back button to go to a competitor. 


    You have to pay close attention to the design of your website!


    This is important for two reasons. Not only does it have a big impact on your website’s conversion rate, but it also affects your SEO ranking by affecting your website’s bounce rate.


    Let’s see if your website needs to be redesigned.

    Signs That Your Website Design Is Failing In Your Business

    The main sign that web design isn’t working is the poor results of your investment in online marketing. The average website conversion rate for all industries is around 2%, and the performance of most websites is even worse.


    This means that out of 100 people who visit your website, only two will call you, fill out a contact form, or go to the actual location. And out of those two, how many will become actual paying clients?


    If you work with a professional web marketing agency, you can expect a conversion rate of about 5% to 10%. This means that the return on investment for the money you spend on getting targeted traffic to your website is much higher.


    Best Website Design And Development in Dhaka


    What makes a good website? Is it just looking? No, that’s not all. When you work on your website design with Techneo360, you can expect …


    Your website must be at least:

    • Communicate reliability,
    • Provides important functionality,
    • Provide readers with the information they are looking for
    • And they are in the right place and call for clear action.


    Based on your industry, you may need other specific ones, and we are happy to help with that. The point is that all this can be achieved with an effective website design, so it’s the website that actually sells.


    The Latest Sophisticated And Responsive Website Design


    There are trends in website design, and people with online knowledge are unaware of those trends. The latest web design presents your business at its best. This shows that you care about your brand and your web visitors, and that you can afford to invest in high quality online representation.


    It’s also important to have a responsive website (that is, a mobile-friendly website), as almost half of today’s traffic comes from mobile devices.


    As easy to use as it gets


    For potential customers who have never visited your website, what you have to offer, what is your unique USP, how to contact you, or buy something from you. How easy is it to figure out how to do it? How easy is it to find the specific information they are looking for?


    Techhneo360, the best web design company, focuses on making it easy for users to consume information and do what their website needs.


    How Do You Recognize A Premium Web Design Agency?


    Here’s how to recognize and get results from people who have been developing and designing websites for years.


    Industry Expertise


    The best way to sell a product is to view the catalog and discounts. The best way to sell legal or accounting services is to build trust. The best way to get people to your restaurant is to show them a mind-boggling menu. There are industry details that influence how you approach website design and improve performance.


    Technical Skills

    Clean, user-friendly websites often require the most complex technical skills. please do not worry. The best web design company in the Dhaka team ensures that your website not only looks good, but also works seamlessly.


    Focus on Features and Features

    Your website is more than just an online pamphlet-or it shouldn’t-. Providing the functionality you need to your web visitors can make a big difference in your bottom line. Examples of such features are contact forms and booking forms that simplify the sales process. 


    Experience and Previous Projects

    Not to mention asking to look at the portfolio, many companies have failed big promises and forgot to check previous projects. When it comes to web design, do you need a website that looks at least as good as the best of your competitors? Or why do people choose to work with you? Make sure your agency can give it to you or come to us-because we can.


    Mobile-friendly Version (Think Device-independent And Responsive Websites)


    When designing a website, professional web design companies take mobile users into account from the beginning. The text should be organized in a particular way, the visual material and media should look good, and the features should be easy to use, even on a small screen. Is it hard to think? Fortunately, you don’t have to do that if you hire us. We handle it all and your website works fine on desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and most handhelds.


    What Should Your Website Do For Your Business?

    The reason business owners in Dhaka hire professional website design companies is to get more customers and sell more products and services. Needless to say, you need a compelling site that works well. But in order for your website to do what you want to do, it’s to help you make money, there are some web design basics to consider first.


    Techneo360 always designs websites with three main goals in mind in order to create the most effective website for each client. They are:

    • To clearly communicate to site visitors the products and services that your company sells
    • To explain why customers need to buy from them (unique service or value proposition), and
    • Providing a Call to Action (CTA)-An easy and reliable way to contact your company.


    Unfortunately, these are details that are often overlooked by many web design companies of Dhaka in web development. But we always pay attention to the details and promise to get your job done.


    Focus On Features And Functionalities

    These are the simple and basic aspects of web design and are absolutely necessary for the site to do what it wants to do. That is, bringing business to the door.


    • The main page should include the company name in the text, not the image. Google and other search engines cannot “read” images or logos. By writing your name, Google will let you know that you are there.
    • Similarly, you need to include your company address in the text so that you can search your local search on Google Maps. We want potential Dhaka customers to find Dhaka’s main competitors whose sites appear in local search.
    • Use your work phone number in “click to call” format as well as text.
    • A “one-touch” contact link makes it easy for anyone using a smartphone to reach out.
    • Make it easy to find contact information and directions to your actual location via Google Maps.
    • Post your testimony in a location where you can easily see it. This increases the credibility of your business.


    Best Web Design and Development Company Put Everything Together


    This is the part that people see when they visit your website. At Techneo360, we create attractive websites with excellent designs, images and colors. Our website is easy and intuitive to navigate. They have a logical layout of the material that the site visitor reads from the main page or blog to the action call or the sales funnel, where the visitor is converted to the customer. If you’re doing e-commerce on your site, configure your payment gateway properly to work properly across your site.


    Top Website Design and Development Agency Connecting to the World

    Techneo360 does SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In fact, we are experts in driving internet traffic to your site. Good SEO is essential for getting things on the internet, but first of all, we lay the foundation for our website with professional web design and development. Within that framework, you can create search engine-optimized content and other features to help attract paid customers to your website in Dhaka, Bangladesh, or across the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Middle Eastern Countries.


    Be The Best Web Design And Development Company Dhaka Team


    You should select Techneo360 to get results. Our clients range from small businesses to large businesses. They are service providers or have physical stores. These people want to grow their business by raising awareness in their cities, counties / states, and even internationally. 


    Our client list includes e-commerce businesses, retail and wholesale shops, electric shops, local fashion houses, hair and beauty parlor, restaurants, doctors, clinics, dentists, other professionals.


    Techneo360 designs and develops the web, but we are not just a web design company in Dhaka. We pride ourselves on providing all digital marketing solutions to our Bangladeshi and international customers.