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Why Do You Need SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) indicates to optimize your website in order to  show it higher on the search engines and increase more “organic traffic.” 

Currently, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has immense and incredible value in the search engines which can help you to boost your business and fulfill your business goals.

Key Roles of Three types of SEO:

We already know that functionally there are three categories of SEO such as on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

Website Ranking in Bangladesh

On-page SEO

The focal point of this type of SEO is on the content that is on the page of the website. The on-page SEO optimizes the content to assist and increase the website’s ranking for specific keywords.

Off-page SEO

The target of this type of SEO is on the links that are directed to the website from anywhere on the internet. The number of backlinks that you build and the publishers carrying those links helps your website for making trust in the search engines. The accumulated results of this process will help your website ranking higher.

Technical SEO

The focal point of this type of SEO is on a website’s architecture which reviews the backend of that website in order to see how each of the webpage’s “technically” set up. Technical SEO serves the process of optimization of website and server that assists the search engine spiders to crawl and index your site more effectively. Technical SEO helps a lot in ranking up a website in the search engine.

About Our SEO Strategy

Our main SEO strategy is to organize a website’s content by topic, which assists the search engines to understand a user’s intention when searching.

Website SEO Optimizations

 Our SEO Process

We genuinely follow 9 steps of SEO process in our quality services which timely provide expected result to our valuable clients. 

1. Organize and arrange a list of topics

It is well-known that keywords are at the soul of SEO. Therefore, our very first approach is to build a list of topics by doing research.  Foremost, we will choose useful and relevant short-tail keywords. Subsequently, we will identify a series of long-tail keywords which are related to the short-tail keyword. Through this process, we will have reasonable monthly search volume and that will help to elaborate on the topic.

2. Build a list of long-tail keywords based on the selected topics

We will optimize your webpage intensively for specific keywords. This SEO format is entitled as ‘topic cluster’ and the latest search engine algorithms tremendously rely on them to connect users with the information that the users are demanding and searching for.

3. Build pages for each topic

The number of topics your webpage have that should be interrelated to your business services, or products, offerings, and locations. 

Each web page on your website should add relevant content for the prospective customers/users such as pictures and links to pages on your site in order to augment the user’s experience.

4. Update and modify the existing blog

Currently, blogging has become a tremendous method in order to rank and engage your website’s users. It is amazing that every blog post transforms into a new web page which provides you an opportunity to rank your website in the search engines. 

5. Update blog on a weekly basis to develop the page authority

You will do blogging primarily for your audience/users. If you write your blog according to the interesting issue of your audiences, then your audience will start to notice and click your website. Through blog writing, you can increase your website’s viewers enormously. At the same time, search engines will notice your blogging activity and improve page authority. 

6. Develop a link-building plan

Link-building is the principal objective of off-page SEO and ranking up your web page in the search engine. Generally, link-building is the way of attracting inbound links/backlink to your website from anywhere on the web. In your case, the more page authority the origin website has, the bigger impact it will create on the rank of your web page to which it is linking.

7. Optimize all selected media 

In order to rank your website’s higher and quick loading, we will make all media files of your website SEO friendly. 

8. Keep updated on SEO practices

Still, old-style SEO strategies have an impact on the search engines although search engines are updating their algorithm on a regular basis.

So, by considering all of the aspects, we provide the best effort and attention for applying the White-Hat updated SEO strategy for our client’s websites. 

9. Assess and track your content’s success

In general, SEO usually takes a lot of time and effort. But consistent and structural SEO works provide an incredible result for ranking a website in the search engines.

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If you adopt a functional and dynamic SEO strategy plus tracking indexed pages, leads, ROI, inbound links, keywords, and your actual ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages) which altogether can help you to gain your expected success within a limited range of time.
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