SEO, Web Development, Website What role does Techneo360 play towards the positive growth of online outsourcing in Bangladesh?

online outsourcing in Bangladesh

According to a study by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) in 2017, a multidisciplinary research and teaching wing of Oxford University, Bangladesh is the second-largest source of online workers in the world. According to the report, India, the largest overall supplier of online laborers provides 24% of the total global online workers followed by Bangladesh with 16% percent. It is quite positive news that Bangladesh is progressing rapidly in the online services and outsourcing activities in both local and international levels.

However, the local online service market is expanding massively. Most of the small and medium enterprises have their own websites nowadays. In future the micro-business will also adopt the online services because through online marketing, they could reach more clients within the very shortest possible time. For instance, the local corner shop or salon would have online services and they also need it. Due to socio-economic reality, time and money have become very important factors in the service-providing sectors right now than any other time in human social history in Bangladesh. The rapid urbanization process demands a nuclear family lifestyle. Moreover, the supply of manpower related services is not that much available and cheaper now by comparison to 5 to 10 years ago? By assessing the current reality, most of the service providing companies or tiny food sellers also need an online presence in the market space so that clients can easily get and demand immediate services from them.

online outsourcing in Bangladesh

Over the last 6 years, Techneo360 has been worked with more than 750 clients local and abroad. In most of the cases, techneo360 has provided online oriented eCommerce website design and development solutions, SEO marketing as well as multiple school, hospital, and medium business management software to the clients. Techneo360 also provides micro training and knowledge sharing to the disadvantaged school children regarding online outsourcing issues to the free education opportunities in online in the selected rural areas of Bangladesh. Techneo360 also organizes a free campaign on “Digital education” facilities among the school students as a part of its CSR program. Through workshops, campaign and knowledge sharing, a next-generation workforce pipeline would develop who would be more creative and talented people to contribute to the online service providing sectors in local and international areas. Bangladeshis have huge potentialities to earn more remittance money through online outsourcing sectors.

online outsourcing Bangladesh

Therefore, Techneo360 also believes that there is needed more publication and expanded learning to understand the benefits of digitalization of the business and service sectors in Bangladesh. In this regard beside government agencies and educational institutions, a medium enterprise such as TECHNEO360 has also certain role to play to uplift the social consciousness and values among the common people. Overall, a collective effort by all may assist the digital Bangladesh successful and simultaneously Bangladeshi online workers would able to sell more of their talented services to both local and international clients particularly or perhaps better than how the Indians are doing now.

Techneo360 strongly believes that through a systematic process, business and services could thrive and bring benefits to all in the concurrent borderless online business world.